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Mihela’s Icebear
My Diary 2008
Oh what a night. One of my dog- proseccos (milk with water) was not ok!
Kria comes to play with me!
Stop, wait a moment - somethings going wrong?!?
Wow. I like snow. And the Blackies look so funny.
A little test .... OK. Better to stop here!
Hey Tanja, come on - there’s no need to go to the veterinary. And why do they take my blood? Ah because to get the rabies antibody testing that I can go to Finland for a holiday! Ok - good reason, but then I will get a reward.
Good news from my veterinary:
I managed the rabies antibody test!
Ah. There is my little toy!
Will Tanja be as happy as I am?
Am I so short or the gras so high?
21.2.2009: I found some extra food. Let’s see what happens when Tanja finds out?!?
May I introduce: my nephew Gismo. He is also at our training place now.
10.4.2009: Easter is comming and Tanja had this great idea to take a group picture. But we had some better ideas how to spend this warm day.
We are the Easter Rabbits!
I’m going to visit my mom (Mirva). More about that journey - click on the picture.
I participate at Mihela’s camp, where I met all my brothers, nices and nephews breeded by Mirva. Wow, that was really a new experience. Klick on the pictuere to see more of this event.
Today I had my BH test. I toled Tanja several times that sport is not mine - but no - she meant that we have to do it. An today was my chance to tell her again: not with me! We failed the test.
Kria comes to play with me quite each weekend.
Tanja won.
I passed my BH test!
The first snow of this winter...
And there will be much more.