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Mihela’s Icebear
My Diary 2007
The world get’s awaire of me - as little shadow in an ultrasound picture of my mom "Saimi". She is pregnant since 5 weeks.
Ups, what’s going on? Very uncomfortable! Let’s go out. Result: I’m the first puppy from the I-litter with 460g followed by 3 more boys and 4 girls.
Mirva declares us as the "Ice" litter. Once a week we have to go to photoshooting - very stressfull. But that’s the price to be a hompage star - but my siblings have to do the same!
That’s deprivation of liberty!
Ok, driving with the car is nice - but why to the veterinary? And getting this chip. By the way: I’m the thick peewee (4,4 kg) with the ears up!
Tanja and Uwe arrived. Hey, I like them. "Look, I am soo lovely!"
He will never give me back!
Oh god. Would I know what happens next, maybe I would made another decision!
Oh, I’m feeling so bad. I’m vomiting the whole day - but the cat litter pan tasts so good.
I don’t wnat to go into this bag.What’s going on - and where are we driving to now? Airport?! Hey Mirva, don’t look so sad - I’ll do it!
When we arrive at my new home, there was another surprise: I’m not alone! Don and Flag are waiting for me!
And Tanja’s parents are also there - the dog sitters for emergencies!
I detect my new world!
My garden
My playground
My forrest
My "parents" take me - only me - to a trip. We drive to a bow shooting comtess (clout shooting). So many new people!
I like christmas: That’s my present - and what do you get?