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My Diary 2008
What a night. But the tast of my food is still good.
Today I will win!
My first snow in Germany!
February 2008:
But sunshine is also nice!
February 2008:
Playtime with my neighbour Hugo!
1.3 2008:
Ok, last time I missed. but today I’ll do it!
that not good!
29.3 2008:
I start into my first vacation - to Danmark! The transportation is was a little bit beneath me  - I’m used to take the plain - but the entertainment was very good.
Interesting thing this water. In the lake it is ok, but at the beach?
Today we had a "playtime" in our Club. Catching Happy, kisses for Angel, ...
12.5.2008 Pentecost:
What a beautiful weather. But it was so stressful to play with the family the whole day!
I support Tanja in the garden!
Oh what a exciting weekend. It was the first time that we were allowed to go with Tanja and Uwe to a middle age market!
My "home" for one night! Great sleeping with Tanja and Uwe in the same bed.
Everything looks a little bit stange and the air smells of burning wood....
... but all people are so nice and relaxed. And they love dogs!
Juhuu! I’m no longer a puppy - today I set first time my marks in my area!
And because we were so good, we were allowed to participate in Telgte too.
It’s my birthday! I was very surprised to receive a letter. It was a birthday present from my breeder Mirva. What a well tasting surprise. I love birthdays! And all these wishes at the forum - great!
No rain today! Playing with the"Oldies" and no shower at the end - great!!
Which one is for me?
Oh what a buissy day: the complete family is present and I had to entertaint them the whole day. A little rest after a hard Chistmas day!
What a day: sleeping up to 10 and than a big walk at a sunny day with Tanja and the Blackies! But when we came back...What’s that?
Juhuh. A new toy for me!?!
Ok, not absolutely correct. That’s Kria, the "sweety" from Rolf and Daniela. But she will visit us when they come for bow hunting at our place. And we are allowed to tell her doggish!
Super Job! That’s what we can best!