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Mihela’s Icebear
I go to visit my mom....
MOM and the ladies!
Hey, that’s Rosa. Wow, what a nice girl!
And what a wonderful place: no neighbour, no fence, just forrest and a big lake.
Life here is great: breakfast, a walk trough the forrest...
... playing with Tanja while Uwe is fishing...
... swimming ...
... a rest at noon,..
or in my case only playing in the water where I can stand.
But the absolutely highlight was at the second weekend. First I was a little bit surprised when Tanja was packing the car and put Flag and me to the font. What about Uwe and Don?
And after some more hours driving:
... a second walk, lunch and a little rest before .....?
And we had some very exciting days with all my relatives and a lot of new interesting exercises. More about that weekend on a separate page.
They had a very warm and relaxing weekend at home!
...the ladies come to play with me at night!
How wonderful life can be!
Seems that we go alone. On the way we met Mirva and after 130 km through the middle of nowhere we arrived at an old school. Hey what’s that: other white dogs ?!?
These holidays were really worth this long drive.
But I promise you: I’ll do everything to come back again!
And after 14 wonderful days in Finland the day came that we had to pack the car and go back to Germany.
Oh you are this big cat I played with as a puppy!
When  I left here last time there was a lot of snow and everything was soooo big!
What’s so interesting there?
Hello - who are you?
Of course we also visited my place of birth - so many things to remember....
May, 1:
The big journey starts: we are lying very comfortable in our boxes and the permanent sound of the motorway maks us very sleepy. After several hours we stopped in a little forrest and we had a walk to relax from doing nothing.
What a surprise: we are on a camping place and sleeping in a tent tonight. And the place is ideal for us. A forrest next to us and noone as a neighbor. Before we go to bed we had a long walk...
Same procedure next day, driving, a nice walk at dinner-time, ferry (this time from Helsingor to Sweeden), more driving and than camping again.
The 3rd day starts as usual, but after dinner we hear some different noises. Sounds like a big city: yes we reached Stockholm!
A little walk before we had to go to ferry.
The cabin was quite small for us - and very warm. But all did well!
Hey let me out, I have to make pipi!
Now there is only one goal: getting to my mom (Mirva)!
Ahhh that’s what I need.
In Putgarden (Fehmarn) we take the ferry to Denmark. And 1 hour later (after km) we made the stop for the night near Maribo.
... jippie - super. Come on! Let’s go to the airport and... Stop, what’s Tanja telling: a dog with my size has to be carried in a box in the cargo part... no no, not with me! Think about an alternative.
Ok. All other ways to travel will cost more time and so the visit changed to a journey; that means me with Tanja and Uwe. Oh vacation -that’s the thing where we all go together: then please plan for 3 dogs and 2 human!
There is only one alternative:
car and ferry.
The more important question is: which route to take? After some research it became clear that long ferrys are not possible with me and my pride. So it was decided that we’ll drive trough Denmark and Sweeden.
Sweeden!?! Tanja became a little bit nevous: I need my Rabbies Antibody Test to be allowed to imigrate. So let’s go to the veterinary to take the blood sample. Oh what else do I have to do to see my mother? Don and Flag are fine - they did the test some years ago.
Oh what’s happening.
Everyone is so bussy: Uwe repairs our trailer, Tanja goes shopping every day... Ups another visit at the veterinary - but great extra sausages with drugs against ...... . And then the first boxes are packed.
Tanja had some fear that I’ll miss the test - and she was right. I failed it. So we had to go to vaccination again and 4 month later the procedure starts again. We had to count the exact days, because when I miss it again, we would only have one more chance. The travel is planned for May 2009.
But at the beginning of January I got my positive test result!
Next step to be done: Planning the route to reach the ferry from Stockholm to Turku in time. 3 days are planned for 1800 km. There should be enough time for us to run. Start should be May, 1st so we need a ferry at Sunday night?!? And for the way back the 21st is planned - ups a holiday. The next days will show what is possible.
That was easier than we thought. The ferry is handled by Viking Line and they have a good homepage. Also the information to travel with dogs are ok, but they always talk about one animal - hey didn’t they hear anything about extended families? Online booking was also not possible: you can enter everything but no dogs!
Tanja decided to use the hotline and after 15 minutes everything was clear. 10 minutes later we had the reservation e-mail. And the best: the transport inclusive a 2 person cabine costs only 370€!
We train a lot to be fit for the trip, while our humans try to find a cottage for us. Mirva found one - in the middle of nothing!
I watch Uwe very well when he puts our stuff to the trailer: carpets, toys, food,... Ok, seems that he does not miss anything. He also takes his fishing route and the bows: seems that there will be a lot of nature!
April, 30:
While Tanja and Uwe pack the car, we have to wait in the garden. Good signs, because we will start soon!