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Mihela’s Icebear
My Brothers and Sisters
A puppy is rarely alone... and thats also true for me. Except of me mom Saimi has born 3 more boys and 4 girls. Though all others stay in Finland we meet very often: at Mirva’s forum. Great thing! Unfortunately I’m not speaking Finish, but I have my own English area there. Also everyone is so kinde and wrot short information in English. Oh you are all so great!
And now I want to tell you here something about my siblings. Oh just for you who wondr about there names: in Finland it is usual that they get a nickname!
But who thout that this was our last group photo - don’t forget the modern technique: here is a picture of my whole family after one year!
We are 5 weeks now.
Didn’t she become a nice lady? And here is one offical statment to her outlook (from a show in August 2008) : "Very feminine. Excellent pigmentation. Dark eyes. Feminine head. Good neck. Correct topline. Enough length of croup. Correct length of tail. Enough depth of chest for age. Excellent colour. Coat today not in show condition. Parallel movements. Good temperament."

And for those of you who want to get more information about her are invited to her
What a nice surprise for my sister Ansa when she entered the car to go home - there was Saana, also a white shepherd. And the best: she is living with her, so Ansa has always someone to play with.
Meeting her nice Gitana (alias Kita), the daughter of our half sister Chiva.
A kiss for mother Saimi.
I think her nickname Jade absolutely fits to her shape.
Already as a young girl she got the show result "
Best on Breed puppy".   
Her favourite way to spend her time! Playing ball is the best of the world. But hunting is also welcome.
There is always something happening in her life: going to a training camp for obidience or be part of a show!
A meeting with her brother Dali - I’m a little bit jealous of her that she can meet them and I have to wait what Tanja tells me.
But this is the truth: she has to live together with a cat!
My sister decided to become the guy of a young lady - still going to school. Good choice: they have more time than the adult people and it’s easier to educate them! But on the other hand they have some strange idea - a puppy as a santaclause - missused at christmas card!
But when you look exactly it is just a photo montage.
It was planned to breed a second line beside Cosma on Attila’s genes - but fortune had other plans.
Unfortunately there is not much to tell about my little sister. She died accidentily with 2 month.
From time to time she meets her brothers and sisters. Here she is with Vito.
Swimming is one of her favorites!
My sister Iines has her own bed. Let’s bet how long it will fit!?! She is livin close to Helsinki now - a big city girl?
My sister Iines has her own bed. Let’s bet how long it will fit!?! She is livin close to Helsinki now - a big city girl?
Sometimes he has "holidays" from his family. Then he stays with 2 Belgian Shepherds. One of them is Rauna. She has the same age - playing all the day!
Could you imagine why he is called "Mr. Hair"?
Vito: choosen to be "mothers" dog, but he decided that it is easier to be a family dog - much mor chances to reach the goal to contoll everyone.
I think, with his character he impressed Heini so much that the she took a puppy from Cosma’s first litter, when she get’s the chance. Now Dali has a little sister: Mihela’s Jumanah "Siida".
This is my brother Dali. Heini, his owner is very cool. She makes a lot of intersting things with him. And she ensures that he has always someone to play with.
And now it becomes a little bit complicated: Cosma is our half-sister (same father) so Siida is his half-nice - mhhh no "fun" with her :-(
By the way: Heini is our forum initiator!
An of course he has his own hompage:
He is trained in obedience. At the age of 10 month he did his first obidience test with success (174,5 of 200 points). Congratulation! And soon he’ll start with Agility.
To be a white shepherd is not so easy sometimes....but he likes to take a bath....
Jumi (same age) and Lalli (2 years) are his best friends. The elder one to lean on and the puppy to play with.
Also on the boat he behalved well.
To be carried in the neck has to be trained many times...
He participates in a training camp for rescue dogs. He had so much fun and was very good in seaching!
Pörri should become a rescue dog. So they start to trian with him very early.
That’s why they call him the
"Flying Dog"!
But simming and running through the fores is much more fun!
With 8 month he had his first experiance at show. Result: BOB Puppy. Since then he was at show several times.
"This is my chair and I’m sitting here!"
He likes to walk with his young human!
Could you imagine why he is no longer called Icewhite?
My brother Pörri became a family dog (hihi when he imagined what they will do with him). Instead of playing with Vito, his best dog-frind is a bordercollie now.