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The can opener...
...these are Tanja and Uwe
We’ve gone to the dogs in September 1994. And that’s the story:
Already as a child we want to have a dog - but our parents had an other opinion an that! So we decided that - as soon as we get our own flat we would get a dog! Ok, that as soon became true 7 years later. And maybe it would have been much later, but at one of our Vacations in Austria we were close to get a Husky. We were thinking about that offer a wile - it would have a deep impact on our way of live and also we thought about the new responibility.  When we came to the decision that that would be ok - 2 hours to late. The dog was given to another interested party. But we found out that we are ready now to have a dog! It should be a "Second Hand Dog", at least knee- hight and with a character to live in a city. When I came home some days later (Uwe was at work), I found a newspaper on the table, where he markt several offers of dogs. I also found some interesting candidates when the phone rings. A man was asking if everythin is well with his dog. Ups - that was the surprise of the day. At night I had the first contact with Apollo, a 13 month old white Shepherd. He was not very amused to meet a straner in "his" flat. Ok - that’s going to be fun!
At home he was very handsome - but he protected his area very much. Noone was allowed to come closer then 3 meters to us and other dogs had to subdu. Ok let’s go to a dog meeting place - the others will show him his limits! No way - he was obviously the boss! Next step: dog school offered by the club of German Shepherds. And there we were conterminated by this dog-sport - virus. Apollo learned quite fast and soon Uwe could make the guide dog examination with him. What to do next? That couldn’t be all. At the club they offered tracking and protection. Tracking sounds good for us - with the protection part we had a lot of concernes. Ok - let’s start traing - and that we were overrolled by reality: Uwe was involved into the protection part and soon he became a assistent in this part.
It became a little bit small in our 60 qm Flat with this two big boys. So we start looking for a house. This ends in Hagen at the "country site". And while we were waiting to move to our new home Don crossed my way. Apollo was close to stop his sport carrier and in our new house there would be enough place, so Don was allowed to stay and the first German Shepherd entered our live. We just finished - I think in this house you will never finish - the project "renovate with a do beside you" our next adventure started: A 4 weeks trip through scandinavia with 3 dogs! and my parents. A big challenge, but I wouldn’t miss it.
When Attila had to stop his sporting carrier due to a injury Uwe decided to look for an GSD too. Flag moved to us - dog number 4. But we were still interested to establish the race "White Shepherd" and  do our part to establish a healthy population. So we were very fascinated, when we got a request from Finland for Attila. And the adventure "Insamination" started. Unfortunately the first try did not  work. But at the second time they had success: the so called Ice-litter was born and our Icebear is one of them.
Uwe also had to stop his assistent in sport due to healthy reasons, but wants to support me in trainin Ice. He starts with traditional bow-hnting and maybe Ice became an arrow-search-dog!
By the way: we are also oin on vaccation with our dogs. Most of the time to Denmark, but that’s another story....
When Uwe went on a 4 weeks trip to Nepal they decided, that  I have to train him: great idea - a adult, strong male dog and I, a newby without any clue what to do! Perfect combination - at least for Apollo!  But surprise, surprise it worked! Result: when Uwe came back from his trip he was a protection assistent without a dog. The obvious solution was: he get’s another dog. Since everyone at the club for GSD was smiling when someone works with a Whity....the decision was easy: It should be another white one, but from competitive sports parents. And so we got Attila, the contact to one association for white Shepherds in Germany (RWS), to dog-shows and breeding. At that time, the race was not established, but we (the association) worked hard on it.