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I’m Flag vom grauen Teufel. I got my name due to these little brown spots which look like dirt in my face "Fleck" in German. So it is not a translation, but only the vocal equivalent. But Tanja did not like to have the German word in my documents.  I saw the light of day in June 2004 in Herten (Germany). Uwe came to choose one of my grey brothers, because he did not want to have a black-brown one at all! But I ignored that very politely and played with he  - it was 30°C in the shadow. When I became tired I had a long rest in his hands! And when I waked up I just heard "Looks like that this little Fleck had choosen his new owner! OK - than he is allowed to stay with us."
My training stareted very early. I liked to walk through all this stuff! Schutzdienst (biting) is great and also I learned very good all the other things.
I start to fight more often with Don, because I’m not lucky with my number 3 position in our pride. But Don still goes out as a winner. Apollo was our lead up to his end. When Don’s back starts hurting I took my chance to take over the role as the lead - but - what stress - he cannot accept that and we fight quite often! Ok. That will keep me trained.
Since I was always a fast boy Uwe decided to participate at a dog-race. Everybody was very surprised when I only loose with only 1/10th second in a play-off against a sihthound. But that was the only highlight of the day, because Uwe hurt his neck. First we didi not think about the consequence, but it happend several times and this was the end of Uwe’s part in dogsports. Unfortunately it seems that this is also the end of my active sports career.
In Hagen I had a warm welcome from my 3 roomies. And the was Tanja’s Grandma as my babysitter for the first weeks. Don became my "Punching ball", Attila was always available to play and Apollo - hui, a little bit reservated and souverain, but I ignored his snarling and stole everything form him (toys, bones, ...)!
Our nice 4 dog pride did not stay very long, because Attila became very ill in 2005 and it took only 4 weeks up to his death. But the old Apollo is still our boss - no discussion about that!
In December 2007 Uwe and Tanja came back from a short trip with a big surprise: Ice moved into our house. And now it is up to me to take care of him!
After long discussions Tanja was allowed to tain me. That works quite well. Unfortunately Schutzdienst takes place only in rare cases. But at the beginnin of November 2008 that changed when Benny was back again. Everything could become so wonderful, but I got problems with the jump. Ok, a little bad move. But also with intensive rest (no Schutzdienst again) it did not get better. So Tanja starts to visit the vet(s) to find the reason. Tja, this happend at July, 24 2009: I’m suffering from the Cauda-Equina-Syndrom. With this diagnose, Schutzdienst is absolutely forbidden. But Tanja trains me now for RH1 and Uwe is Inline-Skating with me.
Ice is sometimes very annoying - this little bootlicker. But overall I really love him. 2009 he did something great: due to him we spend our holiday in Finland. And because someone has to protect this little bugger I was allowed to participate at Mirva’s dog meeting weekend.