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Hi, I’m Don. My birth-name is Effendi vom Struwwelpeter, but my people thought that was a little bit to long. I was born at October, 12 2000 in Dortmund. I met Tanja and Uwe first time at there dog-sports club, where my breeder visited one of her puppies from the D-litter. I was left over from my litter - with my long hair I did not expect the standard of a German shepherd. But that was the point why Tanja was so faszinated of me. And 1 week later she came and took me to her home.
What a surprise: there were two other shepherds! Ok the colour was a little bit strange, but I was toled not to be a racist. The flat was a little bit small, but after a short time we mooved to Hagen. I became a real building lot dog: always in first line! Unfortunately, for all very interesting things they toled me to go away. Alsough this thing to fix the floor tile was soo great. That’s life. A highlight at that time was Uwe’s father: when he supported my people he slept close to the floor. So I always touch him with my cold nose in his face and he reacts so nice!
But I hate all these "foreigners" who came to visit the new house and where I had to be polite. No, not with me! I go! It’s up to me who is allowed to touch me.
I never really learned to obey; and I that was Tanja’s fault - she toled me that I have to obey when I’m big - so I decided to stop growing at 58 cm.
At our dog training place Tanja had a hard job with me. Im a very bullheaded, hyperactive williwar. And when I see the guy for Schutzdienst I go bananas. Even 1 year interruptin (due to our move to Hagen) did not change anything. So we get our own club in Hagen and Uwe tried to show me the limits during Schutzdienst  - ups - ok, that’s to much for me. I give up - for a moment!
My first holiday was a llitle world- tour, ok not the complete world, but a round trip through Skandinavia up to Northcap. Later on we always drove to Denmark - great I love water!
2004: Flag joined us. Oh god - what a stress! But Tanja meant that I only got back what I did to Attila. Thats not true - I was always a handsome boy!
2005: Attila became very ill. I really worry about him and that for good reasons. It did only take short time and he died. I try to take over his lace and role, but that’s not so easy. I miss him so much!
In 2007 I had to stop my sports career. I was no longer able to jump. Diagnosis: middle HD (assumedly still birth) and a big arthrose. Implantation of gold should stop my pain and therfore Tanja drove to Bad Wildungen with me. But they also found an abnormality at my backbone and assumed that the pain was comming from there. For a better diagnose they recommand an MRT - so we drove to Hofheim. But they dianosed a Spondiloses and explained that they could not do anything for me - I was to old for a surgery! As theraphy I got antibiotics and rest.
Tja, I and walking on a loose leach! I never did it - why should I start now! With my normal veterinary we found a compromise: I’m allowed to do whatever I want - in case of moving - and when it hurts to much I get siome drugs. And I have to walk as much as possible to keep my muscles to support my hips. The only thing where all veterinaries had the same opinion: only because I did so much sports and had so much muscles I did not suffer from my hips earlier - strange isn’t it?
In summer 2007 Apollo died. Now I’m alone with Flag. A little bit strange without a whity. But it takes only few month - Tanja’s parents came to take care of us for 3 days - and when they came back they had a white Teddybear in there luggage. And he is called Icebear!
To my disappointment I have to recognize that Flag took over the lead of our pride. I hate that. From time to time I try to change that - mut I think I do not have a chance anymore - shit happens!
Once in time Benny come to our club - that was easier to take over the lead again, but Tanja also learned to handle me. After all I finalized my education again with Frank and a wonderful test result of 97points from 100 in the Schutzdienst part!
For obidience I’m a little bit to hyperactive and with my way of searching a track I still drive Tanja crazy. But I got all my Schutzhund tests and also the RH 1 (Rescue dog as sport competition).
But there is also something positive: because the lead has to take care of this squeaky wheel, so I have my peace and quiet. But sometimes I’m a little bit jealous at him.
My big passion is still water. So ideal case for ne to have a creek close to our area. Bad for Tanja who has to dry and clean me!
Photosession for Ice’s 1st birthday. What’s comming next?
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