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I was the first dog of the dog-flat-shareIch. I was born in August, 26 1993 and grow up in a family in Dortmund. Some day my owner has to stay from home during the week and her wife  had to take care about me and two littly children. I think I was at least a little bit to strong fore her. One day Uwe came to our home. I liked him from the first minute nad therefore I decided to change my behaviour against foreigners; no barking , no growling, just waving my tail. And ups - I was sitting in his care and we drove to Bochum.
Nice flat. 60 m2 for us. But after few minutes - not enough time for me to smell in all corners, we went back to he car: Uwe had to go to work - and I was allowed to come along with him! A little big boring to stay at the car, but I was always near by him. And to avoid that he changes that I made a lot of terror when I had to stay alone at home! Good strategy! At night the was the next surprise; someone strange in my new home. Ok - lets bark! Tanja was very impressed , but she keeps me in her hart imediately. My new family was great, and I took care of them for my whole life. My theme: no foreigners in my district and dogs have to be obedient!
My first visit at Tanja's parents was a big challange for me, because normally they don't want any animals in the house. So I decided to give them a warm welcome to find out who is the "problem". Seems to be the Mom. Ok. Try to raise one leg - hey that works. Will remember that for later critical situations. And what a surprise; it always worked.
Being with Uwe and Tanja was always exciting: long walks, playing ball and my favourite: the big dog place. Here I could show everybody how strong I am! Fighting with oter dogs is more fun then hearing. Ohoh, I think I did it too much, becaus Uwe starts to go to dog-school with me! OK - my fault. After a while we joint the club for dog sports snd it became more interesting. Now I was allowed to bite! Schutzdienst is great! And even the schutzdienst assistant showes respect to me.
For holiday we normally drive to Anni and Hansi who life in Austria. Great!
1997 Attila joined my family. He braught a lot of changement to my life. At the beginning he was very annoying, but as he came to the age that I could train him in social behaviour..... Now I have my own pride. But the price I had to pay was that "driving to work". We had to stay at home. Life is so unfair!
My sports career began 1998. Frank took over the role of Schutzdienst assistent and the became my trainer. Ups - I could not imress him with my barking! With his support I passed my first test in Schutzdienst at the age of 6,5 years - and with 7,5 I did my IPO3. Not too bad for a "whity" - or? Since I was to old for that kind of sport Tanja starts to train me as a tracking dog. With success. I did both tests.
Frank brought also the rest of his family into my life. One was  my new pride member Flag and our godchild Fabienne.
2001 Don joined us. This little puppy keeps my on my feed. Nice to have Attila as a "babysitter" at my side. It became a little bit close. Apparently Tanja and Uwe came to the same conclusion. We moved from Bochum to Hagen. Great, a complete house for us with a big garden, our own grasland and forrest. Now we have enough place for all of our power.
In 2004 Flag expand our pride. Oh so good to have the other two at my side. He makes a lot of action - and no respect to my age!
Time goes by and I become an old man. Attila left me in 2005. I become deaf slowly - but that’s fine, noone is scolding with me anymore! I stayaway from the fights of the blackies - better for me to do so. My people treat me with respect. We do our holidays in Denmark now, close to the beach, so that I can go with them.
It’s time to say goodbye. I had nearly 14 wonderfull and interesting years with my family. My bones are hurting and it is very hard for me to stand up. I’m pleased to see my veterinary. Everybody is so sad, but I had a very nice last day - lying in the sun and getting a complete sausage. Thank you!