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Attila vom Schüngelberg
Gina Melissa vom Bozener Hof
Kennel "vom Bozener Hof"
These are the puppies with 6 weeks, which were born at Oct, 5. 2004 with family Staubach (www.vom-bozener-hof.de). On there Homepage you can follow the growth of them.
Meeting at Staubach’s
with 5 month
Cosma and Cherie "Siri" life in Finland now
Cosma has moved to Finland to the kennel of Mihela’s. We met her in December 2007 when we traveld to Finland to pick up our "Icebear". She became a very nice lady - and was so careful to the I-litter. After an excellent character test (best white shepherd in finland with 225 of 300 points), very good show results and normal HD and ED she met her first partner in summer 2008. More about Cosma and her puppies .... klick here or visit her at www.kennel-mihelas.net!
Chiva is still at Staubach’s (Kennel vom Bozener Hof). She maneged all necessary criteria to become a mother. In summer 2008 her first puppies are borne. About Chiva and her puppies....klick here or visit her at www.vom-bozener-hof.de!
Cherie alias "Siri" flu with Cosmas to Finland, but got a new home in a different family. Does someone has information of her?
Campino became a very smart boy. Doesn’t he look like Attila?
Chiva with 3 years.
She still lifes with Staubach.
Cosma with 2 years
My daughter Eyscha von der Ostalb (Mini) got a new home in the kennel of "Weiße Faszination". At October, 29 2005 she made her licence for breeding at the BVWS. Unfortunately she was not able to get puppies.
My first puppies - 7 little "Whities". They were born in January 2003.
Felicita vom Heimathenhof
Kennel "vom Heimathenhof" (RWS) "von der Ostalb" (VDH)
Starlight vom Landecker Amt
Kennel "vom Lützelbacher Land"
These are my 3rd puppies. Starlight visited came from "Frankenland" to get pregnant. She had  5 babies at the ende of November 2004 . More infomation:
Brenda Eleni vom Bozener Hof "Saimi"
Kennel "Mihela’s"
What a surprise! At Sept., 19 2007 I got a mail from Finland that Brenda "Saimi" is pregnant in the 5th week. They estimated 6 puppies in the ultrasound.
At Oct., 13 we know it exactly:
8 Puppies (4 boys and 4 girls) were born and the mother is doing well!
At Mirva’s Homepage you could see their developemet and other interesting information - also in English!
How they are doing now you can follow up at "Ice" sites - he landed here.