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Attila vom Sch√ľngelberg
My training as a Schutzhund began in the summer of 1998. With nearly 2 years, I passed my guide test and shortly thereafter my SchH1.
From then on, I was very active. After SchH2 in autumn 1999, I made SchH3 several times, and one time IPO3.
After a long break (my owner moved to my new and renovated home), we started again in Hagen (2003). Unfortunately I had to stop working as a Schutzhund due to a injury. But my owner did not give up and trained me as a rescue dog. I made this test (RH1) several times. Section C is the best! Especially when I am carried!!!
Since I have always liked looking for tracks, I was trained for master tracker dog exam.
Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to do this test.
My carrier as a sportsman